Bible School on Wheels

Bible School
Christ Gen Bible School on Wheels

This is a ONE YEAR Bible Course Curriculum that will take your Bible Study to the next level. There will be a group Monday to Thursday, so choose one that suits you best. You will receive a certificate and the choice to enrol for the 2nd and 3d year. If you want to grow in God’s Word, this is for you!

The course comes with an amazing full-colour workbook full of charts, graphs, outlines and pictures.
R500 per person, per year. You will join a group and the leader wil facilitate the course. Starting the 12th of February 2024.

First Year Curriculum:
– Survey of the Bible
– ⁠What on earth is God doing in my life
– ⁠70×7 = Forgiveness
– ⁠How to double your productivity
– ⁠Anyone can become a great communicator

Also choose 2 out of the 5 different elective topics:
– DISCover Yourself and Others;
– ⁠Become A Transformed Woman;
– ⁠Foundations of Youth Ministry;
– ⁠Royal Lessons of Leadership;
– ⁠Equipping Leaders.

If you want to have a look at short PROMO VIDEOS of each of the subjects, click on the link. (Please don’t fill in the forms, it is not for registration purposes)