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Kid’s Church is soooooo exciting! It’s a weekly celebration of God’s truth delivered through games, music, skits, interactive illustrated sermons and altar times. It is for all our little ones from ages 4-12 years.

Our aim is that Kid’s Church would be the dynamic, fun-filled highlight of our children’s week. We want to provide a safe environment in which children are taught at an age-appropriate level and are encouraged to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Come visit us for the most FUN-tastic time of your life!!!


Todspot is a playgroup for toddlers ages 2-3 years. Volunteers are interacting with these little ones and conveying the Word on their level through loads of fun and love.

Parent’s Room

Christ Gen invites you to our Parent’s Room area. Fully furnished in order for you to enjoy the services whilst seeing to the needs of your baby and/ or toddler up to the ages of 3 years.

Nursing Room

Mothers who are still nursing their little ones are welcome to do so in privacy, on the balcony you will find equipped private nursing rooms.

Contact details

021 939 7926
086 441 4011
C/O 5th Avenue & Weimar street
PO Box 95, Parow 7499

Service times


Sunday: 10:15


Sunday: 09:00


Sunday: 08:30 & 10:00


Sunday: 09:30


Sunday: 10:00

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